Glad Tidings Family Church
Glad Tidings Family Church

Gathering of the Saints Labor Day 2016

Glad Tidings Family Church

876 New Leicester Highway

Asheville, NC 28806



July 30, 2016

Glad Tidings Family Church is holding a Special Gathering over Labor Day.

Dear precious ones in Christ,

There is a paramount necessity in these the last days, to be fully equipped and thoroughly prepared for what we are to face; the work of preparation is being accomplished in us by the effectual ministry of His mighty Word. By this powerful and all-encompassing work of God, we shall be firmly established. It is an undertaking accomplished by means of His Potent Spirit. We are summoned by God our Father, to be those who are not overtaken or deceived by the present day satanic onslaught of darkness. It is a darkness which one can feel. The darkness is stubbornly settling down on the earth, in order to bring great confusion of face to many. This present evil darkness is filled with a resolute focus of demonic hatred; it is being aimed directly toward the saints of God. We must ever hold before our eyes this truth: the church possesses a high and effectual calling. The church is meant to be the city set on a hill [Calvary] radiating light in the earth. We are to be those filled with the very presence of God and filled with His most excellent all-prevailing power. We are called to be seated firmly in heavenly places, above the earthly battle between light and darkness. God is enabling us to live above the thick clouds of darkness with the principalities and powers squarely under our feet. The church has been growing by means of His living Word. This growth has taken place quietly in the womb of the Spirit—hidden from the eyes of the world. His kingdom people are to be effectual darkness-breakers—those who shatter satanic strongholds. The demonic darkness shall be completely annihilated at the appearing of Christ. As the totality of the Body of Christ gathers in oneness around the world, together we shall present Jesus to the world as the true and only light of life. God is our Father. We are His children of light. God is our Father. We are His children of the day. It is our sincere and abundant joy to present to this fallen world our Savior Jesus Christ, who is the true light and bright-shining of the Father!

Glad Tidings joyfully invites you to join us for a gathering around Jesus. We believe that among all of us there is a desire to come humbly before Him, treading softly before His holy presence; it is an essential and important day of preparation for what we spiritually stand against in these the last days.

The gathering will be held over the Labor Day weekend September 2th—4th

The meetings will begin Friday evening at 7 p.m.

Saturday at 10 a.m.

Saturday evening at 6 p.m. with the last meeting to be held Sunday at 10 a.m.

We are full of great anticipation for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. We are so very thankful that Brother and Sister Battles will be with us. Rarely do we see ministry of this caliber. They are spiritual “sons of Issachar” who first and foremost minister to the Lord. We will be receiving the word through them from a higher and purer place in God.

We have known Brother Battle’s some twenty-five years. The body in Asheville is so looking forward to meeting his wife. We were introduced to Brother Battles through Brother James Cuomo of New Jersey and have been greatly blessed to know Brother Battles ever since.

Brother Battles is a spiritual father and true prophet to the body of Christ. He has a missionary heart. He through the Spirit sows the kingdom seed of Christ wherever and whenever he is sent from the throne. May he have a great presentation of sheaves to bestow to the Lord at that day.

With sincere and abundant Calvary love in my heart toward you, I present myself to you as your sister in Christ,

Debbie Brittain